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Kell Hounds: MWO
“The Shadow Hounds”


The Shadow Hounds are a division of the Kell Hounds in Mechwarrior: Online. Mechwarrior is the flagship game for the Kell Hounds, and the practices for the unit are held on tuesdays and thursdays.
Shadow Hounds
“The Vanguard”

Commanding OfficerShadowwolf-Jerricho

Executive OfficerJolly-Roger

Alpha Company
“The Guinness Lances”

Delta Company
“The Aegis Templars”

Commanding OfficerSlar

Commanding OfficerGhost-Badger

Executive OfficerTenX

Executive OfficerFarmer

Lambda Company
“The Shadow Legion”

Epsilon Company
“The Wolves of Fenris”

Commanding OfficerBeowulf

Commanding OfficerArchAngel

Executive OfficerSLxJoker

Executive OfficerAce

Theta Company
“Outworlds Alliance”

Commanding OfficerAC

Executive OfficerOkami