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Tchernovkov Blood House

Blood House Tchernovkov

4th House of Coyote

The Phoenix


The House of Tchernovkov was ever known for diplomatic tact and intelligence, oft-underappreciated traits in warrior-dominated Clan society. Despite cultural stigma, these abilities have remained a strict breeding focus within the House. Perhaps as a result, a disproportionate number of Tchernovkov sibcadets find their place in the Scientist caste. Notable, however, is the bloodline’s erratic propensity for producing, every so often, a truly gifted MechWarrior. Uncommon though they may be, these few are usually more than sufficient to retain the bloodline’s credibility within Clan Coyote.

In recent decades, however, Coyote scientists have become increasingly concerned about manifestations of undesirable character traits in Tchernovkov sibkos. Ever an elitist bloodline, severe inbreeding stemming from the House’s isolationist genetic creed appeared to be causing dangerous reversals of Tchernovkov traits. Some sibkos began exhibiting a great increase in irrational and antagonistic tendencies; behaviour strongly against the bloodline’s historic coolheadedness and caution.

These genetic variances culminated in the creation of MechWarrior Arctic_Wolf Tchernovkov.

In response to the bloodline’s troubling genetic decay, a desperate covert operation was sanctioned over two decades ago. At this time, the undesirable traits were still only beginning to manifest.

By silent mandate of the Bloodhouse leaders alone, genetic legacies of the Kufahl, Koga and Jerricho Bloodhouses were melded with the most stable remaining Tchernovkov bloodline – ironically, that of the great Coyote ilKhan Corian Tchernovkov – in an attempt to recover and improve on the House’s failing genetic traits. Corian Tchernovkov is often considered the last honourable ilKhan to grace the office before its dissolution; it was fitting that her legacy would be used to rebuild the ancient House.

These experiments produced a sibko which, trained in secret on Babylon Prime, contained one MechWarrior Mikael of the House of Tchernovkov; a man who would prove to be his shattered House’s salvation in the wake of the Arctic_Wolf debacle.

The totem of house Tchernovkov is the Phoenix; it symbolises the House’s high ideals, passion, clear vision and, perhaps most of all, Tchernovkov’s resurrection among the Great Houses of Clan Coyote.




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