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Tamzarian Blood House

Blood House Tamzarian

5th House of Coyote

The Minotaurs


The rise of this house to the high status it now holds is a prime example that unknown Blood can indeed be a force to reckon with. The Tamzarian bloodline has had no destined claim to fame for many eons and as such, was reduced to mainly pilots in the general status in the Clan of Coyote.

In many areas of the Caste system of Coyote you can find the Tamzarian name. In the Tech, Medical, Constabulary.

The recent addition of Mechwarrior can be attributed to one man, the Loremaster Kelvinator Tamzarian.

His traits of strict discipline and devotion to duty and unswerving loyalty to the clan and all it stands for,


These three oaths are what bind the House of Tamzarian to the House of Jerricho into a near blood bond.

House Tamzarian has taken on the role of Protector of the Khan, and an unswerving loyalty to the Khan; Shadowwolf Jerricho. This has cemented a place for Tamzarian in the Clan for now and always.

The Minotaur

“Is our symbol of Strength. Is a symbol of loyalty. Is our symbol of Duty.

Our stoic devotion, to keeping safe the Khan.

Our ability to say what we think and our inability to compromise is the life we choose.


Tamzarian is not the house for the weak of character.

Everything a clansman should be:





Blood House Leader
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