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Steele Blood House


Blood House Steele

8th House of Coyote

The Hell Hounds


“When you fight, hold nothing back, but think before you shoot.”


House Steele has historically been one of the most respected bloodnames in Clan Coyote and later Clan Stone Lion.  This house is named after Major Merrick Steele, a mechwarrior from the same 146th Royal Battletechmech Division that produced the clan’s first pack master, Gerek Tchernovkov.  From the cockpit of his Thuderbolt, now Star Captain Steele acquitted himself with honor during operation Klondike on Babylon, quietly building a reputation of steady reliability and dogged persistence. During the ensuing years, Merrick rose through the ranks as both battle and age claimed his peers, eventually becoming the Clan’s fourth Khan.  Throughout his career, Khan Steele excelled and subtle loadout modifications for both mechs and aerofighters, seeking to maximize the hitting power of units under his command while making the best use of the Coyote’s limited resources.  These precepts played directly into the Coyote’s early perfection of utilitarian omnimech technology early during the Golden Century.  This almost need to tinker with proven technologies as opposed to the radical research philosophies of other Coyote lineages largely insulated House Steele from infiltration by the Society during the lead up to the Wars of Reaving, where both the warrior population and allied civilian science and labor castes suffering comparatively lighly during the post-Reaving purges.


Early in 3076, Khan Magnus DelVillar of the newly formed Clan Stone Lion singled House Steele out for acquisition, and led a small task force to the Londerholm system to issue a batchall for the entirety of House Steele’s remaining warriors and genetic legacies. After a short, bitterly contested trial, the Lions returned to Niles and Tokashka with the legacies, history, and experience of House Steele and its warriors.


House Steele has a reputation for despising politics, but has nevertheless produced several Khans throughout Clan Coyote’s history, though not in the same numbers as Houses Kufahl, Koga, Jerricho, or Tchernovkov.  The Khans were known mostly for their organizational proficiency and pragmatism.  These qualities partly led to House Steele’s absorption by Clan Stone Lion in 3076.


Former Khan Houston Steele is one of the oldest warriors still on the roles.  Houston rose quickly from warrior status to the Khanship of Clan Coyote, taking the post during a turbulent period in the Coyote’s history and guiding them to more stable times before ceding it to his understudy, Shadowwolf Jerricho.  Now Houston spends much of his time as of late on vision quests, pondering the mysteries the universe has laid before him.



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