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Rezak Blood House

Blood House Rezak

7th House of Coyote

The Dragons


Silent, deadly, effective, and vicious. They live for the sheer thrill of the battle and thrive when faced against impossible odds. These are the traits of house Rezak.

Although not one of the original Coyote Blood houses, the Rezak DNA strand was recorded and enhanced on Tamaron when Venom discovered his Coyote Heritage. Due to the origin of the strand, the house has been kept under wraps and has produced a Sibko in secrecy, in the absence of its house leader. Only a few members of the Keshik knew this and have kept a close watch on the project. Always working under the cover of darkness, the warriors containing this genetic structure operate under the direct command of Clan authorities. Their only purpose is to eliminate the opposition’s key players in time of combat. They are the Assassins working from the shadows.

It is believed that the trial for the Rezak Bloodname has never been successfully completed to this day. To bear the Rezak name is to overcome the impossible.

The Dragon Totem represents House Rezak. It represents the balance between good and evil that the Rezak strand encompasses.

This House is currently closed to Bloodnames.



Blood House Leader