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Nash Blood House

Blood House Nash

6th House of Coyote

The Thunder Birds


“Seek and Destroy”

House Nash is one of the oldest Blood houses in Clan Coyote. Much honor was obtained by the house by being one of the few that suffered no purges during the great Coyote split. The House is known as an excellent MechWarrior house, with most warriors having an affinity for the Heavy Battlemech class. Also known is that the house creates warriors with excellent battlefield perception, which make excellent brawlers.

The Current leader of House Nash, HeeroWolf Nash, Is a survivor of the Coyote split, where he threw his support behind the current Khan, ShadowWolf Jerricho. He served as Oathmaster for a time until the Great Coyote demanded that his service be at the front lines of battle.




Blood House Leader