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Kufahl Blood House

Blood House Kufahl

1st House of Coyote

The Hippogryphs


“Always Achieve the Impossible”


House Kufahl has the honor of being the Blood House of Clan Coyote’s founder and first Khan, Dana Kufahl. The genetic legacy of Dana Kufahl was also shared with Clan Wolf during the Golden Age of Clan Coyote and Clan Wolf’s cooperation and juggernaut influence in the Grand Council. House Kufahl has come to be known for their strong Elemental warriors, as well as their uncharacteristic diplomatic skills.


The House is currently led by Dale Kufahl, whose maternal DNA was taken from the giftake of Dana Kufahl herself. While Dale’s skill on the battlefield is not quite exemplary, his diplomatic manner when dealing with even the worst enemies of the Clan ensure his place within the Keshik. While many find his willingness to negotiate frustrating and almost un-clanlike, Dale maintains that it is the only way to guarantee the survival of his Clan and their return to a Golden Age.


House Kufahl has adopted the Hippogryph as its totem. Hippogryphs, in ancient mythology, resulted from the rare breeding of Gryphons and   Horses, two species usually regarded as predator and prey, respectively. The Hippogryph, therefore, symbolizes the impossible, and is the manifestation of House Kufahl’s creed. Prior to Khan Shadowwolf Jerricho taking up the mantle of Khan, a shortage of Bloodnamed warriors stemmed a rash of Trials that resulted in several warriors battling simultaneously for their respective bloodnames. Dale Kufahl won his bloodname in the same Trial as Houstonago Steele.


This House is currently closed for Bloodnames.




Blood House Leader