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Jerricho Blood House


Blood House Jerricho

2nd House of Coyote

The Griffons


House Jerricho has provided many Legendary Leaders for Coyote. Blooded Jerrichos have a special connection to the Great Coyote through their abilities as a Warrior and as members of the Scientist Caste. The House code, “Loyalty above all, except Honor” is bred into these Warriors.


Jerricho Warriors exemplify their Totem animal of the Gryphon on the battlefield. With aggressiveness, tenacity, and valour they have the ability to turn the tide of a battle. Jerricho is an integral part of Coyote history and will be in the future. Jerricho is second only to House Kufahl in Coyote heritage.


The current Leader of House Jerricho is a steadfast Warrior with a tempered anger and solidity in the cockpit. He leads the Bloodhouse and Coyote with fervor and fairness. His quite demeanor speaks volumes about his personality. He expects professionalism and loyalty above all except Honor.


Throughout Khan Jerricho’s leadership of Coyote, House Tamzarian has guarded the Khan. The Loremaster, Kelvinator Tamzarian has stood by Khan Jerricho as advisor and personal guard. Many battles have seen the Khan and Loremaster at the vanguard of Coyote attacks. The Houses have a history of cooperation that has benefited the Coyote for years.

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