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Koga Blood House

Blood House Koga

3rd House of Coyote

The Rocs


“Fortune Favors the Bold”


Developing amidst the growing Coyote Touman, the Koga Bloodline has been one of fortune and failure. The torch bearers for the Koga bloodline have always been apart of the avant-garde of the Coyote. Always reaching, and mostly, always alone at the front, some of their most progressive ideas are just now being spread throughout the Clan.


The Koga BloodHouse is known for those who have used quick action, initiative, and love of truth even if that means despair. The motto of the the BloodHouse refers to that. Over the course of its history, Koga has had more than a fair share of controversy. The members of this house always seem to use unorthodox means of achieving their goal, and some even going against clan doctrine and conduct. This has lead many in the Coyote to believe Koga to be a rogue House, but it has always been one of the most dedicated and loyal.


The House of Koga’s members have been known to speak out against injustice, real or fabricated, and has close ties to the House of Rezak. Both houses exhibit a cynical understanding of authority and have at times gone against Clan doctrine to ensure the completion of a task, much to the displeasure of those in the Keshik. On more than one occasion the Keshik has had to penalize those in this BloodHouse because of their lack of diplomatic skills and resentment toward opposing clans.


The Kogas have always been the first to take initiative on projects of Clan importance, and have made sure others completed their own. The sign of the Koga, The Roc, is a testament to the attitude Kogas present; Bold, Unorthodox, Inventive, Anti-Authoritarian and frequently harsh in speech. Kogas in the history of Clan Coyote have never been known for tact, and some even consider it lying to gloss over the truth. These members of Koga truly fly separate and in front of the pack.



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