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Beginning History


The Beginning


The group currently know as the Shadow Hounds have traveled a long and difficult road to get to where they are today.

The Hounds can trace it’s origins to two seperate units in Netbattletech: Mercenaries. The first was a Periphery unit known as the Mica Majority. The Majority was the remains of a successful Mercenary unit, the Blazing Aces, run by a charismatic, if slightly standoffish, pilot known as Zurrar. Included in the Majority was a low-ranked Mechwarrior who used the callsign “Wolfbane”. The second unit was Clan Hell’s Horses, a former major player in NBT-M that had fallen on hard times as many pilots left for new units, or quit the game altogether.

After many weeks of negotiations, and the announcement of a new league known as NBT-HardCore, the Mica Majority and Hell’s Horses merged into a new Clan, Clan Coyote. During this transition, Wolfbane shortened his name to simply Bane, and was ‘promoted’ to the position of Loremaster of Clan Coyote, due to his knowledge of Battletech Clan lore.

Clan Coyote got off to a rough start. After only a few months, Zurrar, now the leader of Clan Coyote, attempted what could only be described as a coup d’etat, taking full control of Clan Coyote despite the 50/50 agreement made with the Hell’s Horses. The coup failed, and Zurrar took his former Aces and split from the Coyotes, returning to the mercenary lifestyle. Likewise, many of the old Hell’s Horses split off into several units, rather than remain with what they viewed as a “tainted” unit. Of the original Command Staff, only the Loremaster, Bane, and Oathmaster, Houstanago, remained.

The leadership was rebuilt and re-invigorated with new blood. During this time of weakness, it was decided that many of the now-veteran Mechwarriors would compete for their Bloodnames, to give an impression of strength to Clan Coyote’s rivals.

Houstanago competed for, and won, the Steele bloodname in the same Trial as Bane, who changed his name yet again in anticipation of his Bloodname, and became Dale Kufahl.

Clan Coyote, although restructured, continued to to struggle under the leadership of Col Dervish, and for the following months saw continued defeats at the hands of Clan Cloud Cobra and Clan Star Adder. The tension culminated in a battle with Cloud Cobra. Col Dervish, the Khan, after a failed battle declared abruptly that he was leaving the unit and sent a message to the league administrators that Coyote would become inactive – effectively killing the unit. Within minutes of this announcement the Loremaster of the clan, Shadowwolf Jerricho, rallied the remnants of the remaining player base and assumed the mantle of Khan. A message was sent to the administrators detailing the former Khan’s plan to disband the unit, and to request that Col Dervish’s leadership privileges be revoked. The administrators responded and Shadowwolf Jerricho was handed the leadership of Clan Coyote.

It soon became clear to the new Khan that the Clan’s problems were severe. The instability of the leadership had caused many pilots to search for more stable units, and only a few dedicated members remained. Shadowwolf reached out to a Galaxy Commander of Clan Ice Hellion, Scion, for help with pilots and recruiting. In the intervening days after the leadership change a deal was struck with Scion and Clan Ice Hellion. Scion left Ice Hellion to assume of the mantle of saKhan within Clan Coyote, and a number of other pilots followed him into Clan Coyote. The merger nearly doubled the size of Clan Coyote, but it also had its costs. Clan Ice Hellion was left with little more than a skeleton base of players and disbanded soon after.

With Shadowwolf Jerricho as the Khan, and the newly bloodnamed Scion Koga as the saKhan, Clan Coyote stood ready to do battle once again without the instability of fruitless leaders.